Flower ACEO Gift of Love Swap, Sock Monkey Bracelet (working), Toy Soldier/Nutcracker Button Bracelet, Annual Christmas Tree Bracelet and AMAZING Cupcakes from My Daughter!

Let’s see who was actually watching?!?! 🙂  If you noticed I told you I just started on the ACEO on Friday…well, that was a ‘little fib’!!  I had actually finished it and mailed it off by then!  But, it was a suprise and I really wanted the person who was getting it (I know she watches) to be shocked when she got it in the mail!! She was!!!!  Here is her first comment to me….

Dear Max ❤ ❤ ❤  guess what arrived this afternoon?????
YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF LOVE ACEO !!!! Sundays we don’t ever have mail in long island and my dad found all these boxes waiting for us and one was for me i was so happy i saw your name …and thought couldn’t be!! could it be gift of love swap?? LOL well i couldn’t wait opened up and not only im the lucky winner of your beautiful ACEO but im also lucky to have so many extra handmade gifts from you!!!!! im beyond myself!! i want to share with everyone so bad!! but i wanted to thank you privately and will share in a bit or maybe tomorrow when more people are around?? but im too anxious and too excited!!

What a WONDERFUL way to end the weekend!!  YES, the surprise was worth the ‘little fib’ and if you want to know what it turned out like, well, here it is!! I’ll post more photos tomorrow….the ones she shares!!


And of course I’ll start something new this morning…I know I have been doing a few of them lately, and I’ll take a break after this one, but it was just tooo cute…another button bracelet!!  Just look….sock monkeys!!  Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.


Finished and listed…this Toy Soldier/Nutcracker Button Bracelet!!  Just look at it!!  I think it is simple and just so cute!  What do YOU think??


And don’t forget, you can still get last years (7th annual)….and this years (8th annual) Christmas Tree Bracelet.  I am so supprised that I still have these!!  Up until last year these bracelet usually sold before I was done with them.  Here is last years first, then this years…..hurry, they would be great fro holiday parties!!!

7th Annual Christmas Bracelet 4


I hope that you didn’t miss it yesterday, but today is another day if you did!!  Here is the 2nd day of the 2nd Annual 7 Day Giveaway!!  Run over and enter to win a great set of vintage ornaments!!


And just because I have to….just look at these amazing cupcakes my daughter made over the weekend!! She made them for my husbands National Guard Holiday Party!!  Just look at these…she is so very talented!!!! Oh, and they are Red Velvet too!!


For today I want to leave you with this thought;

Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself! ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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