Frantic Friday

Boy is this a Frantic Friday for me.  As you know I have been sick, well, I still am.  I have been given new meds and they seem to be working a bit, but for me it seems to be a very slow process.  On top of that I seem to just start getting better when…..something happens and I get worse again!  So, here is my time line, and I am sorry for the missed blogs…….

~Monday – didn’t feel any better (posted blog)
~Tuesday – felt a little bit better, new meds 
    called in! (posted blog)
~Wednesday – felt a little bit better, but had
     a family emergency that took me on a
    drive and emotional crash – felt worse
   (fever back!) (no blog post)
~Thursday – felt better, then had everything in the world go wrong, 
   you know how that is! (no blog post)

So, as you can see, it has been a very Frantic week, of sickness and ‘issues’, but I am feeling better.  I do NOT have the H1N1, I do, have a the ‘flu’ and CMV which means my immune system is very week….and a crazy life…..hence the lots of re-laps!

On to today!  I am actually feeling a little but better – again, but we shall see how the day goes.  I intend to get some house work done and maybe even some beading.  I found my ‘missing’ camera and so I will also try to take a few photos today and maybe list over the weekend.  I will be taking it slow and resting LOTS!!!

But, since I can still sit and hold my computer….I found this wonderful little frantic/crazy sign on etsy…boy is this how I feel!  Please visit the shop of Necessary Junque  (junk you really need) and let them know what you think of their shop.  I love/live it!  And remember, the best form of flattery is to purchase….Christmas is just around the corner!!!

Enjoy your Frantic Friday and may you be in good health (and me too) over this day!  ~KM
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