Frantic Friday

Is it really Frantic Friday again, already???  Where did that week go??  I am off to another show this weekend, this one is an away show, so I will be ‘off the grid’ a bit.  I wanted to end this Frantic Friday with a special feature on a great blog friend of mine.  She makes some of the best crocheted items I have seen.  She loves the ‘beeeesss’ and make them cute and creatively for us to love too.

Doris Sturm made these wonderful bees with BIG hearts.  They would look wonderful on a shelf or out for everyone to look at.  Please visit her shop to see the rest of her work.
Also, she has collected some wonderful photos and stories on her blog for her pet costume contest.  Here is how you get there….   There is a photo with each, but you really need to go to the links and read their wonderful and crazy stories.  Please vote…. visit her shop….. and leave her a note or two letting her know what you think.

Enjoy your Frantic Friday, I will!  ~KM
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  1. Doris Sturm

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are too kind. I was surprised to find this about me on here! Maybe that will bring some more votes in for the Pet Costume Contest (hint – hint!)

    Good luck with your arts and craft show this weekend. I know it’s hard work. I hope you will meet a lot of nice people there – and maybe make some money too 😉