Frantic Friday

After a crazy day of Christmas shopping and Birthday fun for Aye yesterday I am glad I am staying home today.  The first thing I did this morning is start looking around Etsy to find a featured artist…well, I found a great one! This is the shop of Dazzle Me Design.  I just love this artwork and these wonderful sayings.  There is also a poem about being an Artist….loooovvvvveee it!.  But for today, I thought that this would fit, because I can’t even list all the crafts that I do!  I do/have done almost everything except for working with clay and oil painting…just think, I have supplies for almost everything too!  Boy do I need my own studio!  Anyway, back on task, I know how this lady feels.  I have found my Niche, just not my desk!!! (lol)  
Please enjoy your Frantic Friday wherever you are and what every you are doing today.  ~KM

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