Frivolous Friday 10/24/14 (Upcoming Show, Red Velvet and Sun-Catcher)

This Friday it really does feel a little Frivolous!! I have been working so much on the beads, featured artist and all the things I have coming up that I really need a break!! I MIGHT start the weekend a little early!! But only in thought… I have to much to do to actually take time off!! 
I don’t think I have told you all yet, but I will be attending the  Welcome to the 38th Fall Country Jamboree!  YEP!! I am so excited!! And, it is next weekend!! Want to come see??  Here is all the info;!barberville-fall-country-jamboree/c10si
I haven’t been able to get the photos done for the sun-catcher yet, but here are some other creations that are in my studio!!!
So, yesterday I did actually finish the sun-catcher….I’ll get it listed as quick as I can!!
But with the finish of one creation it means that I get to start something new!! This will be a necklace set for my daughter for her homecoming dance!! She helped pick the stone and I get to ‘play’ now!!  Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page; I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Please FUND (every $1 helps) if you can, SHARE and COMMENT TOO!! 🙂 This site is different from the others, I will actually receive the funding, even if I don’t reach my goal!!
Now is the time!! Get your ad ready and get into the 2014 Krafty Max Originals Gift Guide!! This years guide will be bigger and better than last year’s!!!! So, let me know what size ad you’d like and let’s make history together!!! 🙂 
You can have your business card posted for only $5!!! There are still 1/2 page ($15), full page ($30) and 2 page ($50) ad spaces left!!!! 
***click on the clip-art to see last years ***
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey.  ~Jim England
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