Frivolous Friday 4/18/14 (On-Line Party, the BLUES, Horse Totem and the Winners)

Today is the day!! Today is the day I get to do some ‘showing off’, announce a winner 5 winners in my Give-A-Way and also tell everyone about my On-Line Party!!  So, grab that coffee and enjoy the ride…..
First I will tell you about the On-Line Party I will be having next week.  It is by invite ONLY and it will be held on FaceBook.  For 3 hours we will be playing games, winning prizes, showing off BRAND NEW creations, discounting items and just having fun. You do NOT have to be there for the whole party, and you do NOT have to buy – but I would love it if you did both!!!  In order to get an invite you have to be ‘friends’ with someone who is going and they can send you an invite.   ANYONE that wants to join in the fun, just let me know!!!
Yesterday I finished the beautiful Goldstone necklace for my daughter, and even though it isn’t for sale it is something I really want to ‘show off’, so, here it is!!
And if you want to watch the ‘making of’ video, here you go!!
But, that isn’t all!!  I also listed this wonderful bracelet!!  I just love the ‘blue on blue’ look!!  BUT, now that a couple of people have seen it, it seems that this one is made to go with denim….sounds good to me!! It will spice up that ‘tank top and jeans’ or can make an elegant outfit sparkle!! It is made with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls!!!!
And for anyone that loves books…I have been listing new Jewelry Making books in my DESTASH studio.  There are about 15 new ones there!!  All of them are under $10, and they are current and NEW!!  Here are just TWO!!!
Did you see it?  Was it you??  The Winners have been announced and all have been sent an email… now they have 48 hours to respond!!! 
As many of you know, this is Easter Weekend.  I will be taking the next few days off to spend with my family!!  I will not have any ‘working’ projects started until Monday!!  I hope that you all stick around and watch some of the items I’ll be featuring over the next couple of days!  
Today I would like to leave you with this comment;
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  1. Christina Miles

    Congrats to all the winners…. 🙂