Fruitful Friday

What a FRUITFUL week this has been.  I have been able to work in my house, bead and even relax!  I could really get 
used to these 4 day work weeks!!!!  
There are many plans for the weekend, including a garage sale at ApronsbyMeMe’s that will take up most of Saturday.  Then my mom-in-law’s birthday dinner on Sunday.  Beyond all that, I plan on BEADING….what a surprise, right??  

When I went to look for an artist to feature this morning I found many, but this wonderful artist stood out among them all.  These beautiful crochet fruit patterns are designed by skymagenta.  I can only wish that I was that good at crocheting – let alone following a pattern!!!!  These fruits are just a few of the wonderful patterns 
this shop offers.

Please check it out, LIKE it, and market it for the future.  Make sure you have a FRUITFUL and PROFITABLE weekend.  ~KM
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  1. Doris Sturm

    This is AMAZING! Makes me feel so inadequate in crocheting…what lovely items in that shop…I adore all the wonderfully colorful detailed crochet work…very nice!!!