Fruitful Friday

It truly is a FRUITFUL Friday!  Today is Aye’s last day of 4th grade – basically just a day to go in and collect her things.  Officially summer starts at noon today for her!!! 

Looking around ArtFire this morning I found an artist that just seems almost tooooooo good to be real!  I am totally fascinated with the work of this artist – GodGiftedHands.  Each of these creations are made my hand and are completely One of A Kind!  Please check it out and make sure you LIKE the studio and mark it in your Market for future visits….I know I will be back!!!  ~KM

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2 Responses

  1. rasamalai

    This is absolutely gorgeous! What a find!

  2. Doris Sturm

    This collapsible basket is amazing – very unusual! Also the other wood working items in the Artfire shop are very beautiful. I love them all!

    Have a nice weekend 🙂