GIVE-A-WAY GALORE and Go Fund Me Campaign!

Have you seen it?  Have you?  Life here is all about BEADS and Give-A-Ways!!  Just look at all of these going on right now!!




And here are more that I am a part of!!!

WOW!!  I have to say, I just LOVE GIVING BACK!!!!
But, now it is time for me to ask YOU for help!!  Have you watched my video yet?  ANY support would be AMAZING!!  I am so excited about all the changes that have already happened, and those that are coming up….watch out world, Krafty Max is set to TAKE OVER!! 🙂

Oh yes, and there are still BEADS everywhere here!! Did you see the finished PURPLE necklace?  If you didn’t, here it is…..
purple bdwvn review necklace 5
 And if you didn’t know yet, this was part of a review – – and I have to say that I am not only PROUD of my creation, but also THRILLED to make something that was so well received!!! I just love it when a plan comes together!!! 🙂
THEN, if all this wasn’t enough, I was able to start a new project yesterday!!  Just look at these colors!!
hummingbird wrk 1This one is 76 beads per row, so it will move a little slower, however, it is going to be WONDERFUL (I hope)!!  Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day! Here is where I start today off at…..
So, was that enough?  Yep, I think so for today, but remember, I’ll be back tomorrow with more!!!
Today I’ll leave you with this thought;
What I am looking for is a blessing that’s NOT in disguise! ~Jerome K Jerome
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