Holly Angel WIP, A Delicate Southern Peach, Patterns, & Available Kits!!

Good Morning!! I hope that today you follow YOUR path to creativity and SPARKLE!! I was not able to get the editing done last night, but I will get it done today so I can get the new set listed and hopefully up for you all to see tomorrow!!…Life just seems to be getting in the way 😉 So for today, I want to take you all back to another creation that I made and listed a while back ago and tell you more about it- A Delicate Southern Peach. I started a new WIP- Holly Angel…I will be showing you where I am currently on that and then I will share with you some patterns I have available as well as the Peyote kits, in my shop at this moment 🙂 I am ready to get this day started and create magic…what about you?!?!

White Holly Angel Center from Wildlife Plastics

So, let’s begin with the current WIP of the Holly Angel center that I obtained from Wildlife Plastics….if you haven’t noticed already…this is one of my favorite sources to get beautiful and creative centers for my wearable art pieces!! Just look at the detail that they put forth in this amazing Christmas Holly Angel…those Holly leaves look so real- and that angel…just so precious!! I decided to use matching white 11/0 delicas and 15/0 seed beads, making this completely white…here the sides have been built up around the center and has been closed around the back…so now it is time to start closing it up on the front side!! Let’s see how far I can get on this beauty today…and REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Now on to A Delicate Southern Peach Wearable Art Necklace Set!! This set was designed purposefully in mind of what they call Delicate Southern Peach…I took this wonderful brown agate slice and found some beautiful roses and flowers to add to the side to really ‘draw’ out the beauty of the stone!! They are such simple and delicate colors too!! To add to the beauty I took matching flowers and made earrings to go with this lovely Necklace…A Set to surely bring lots of compliments and make any outfit look stunning!!

If you would like to know more…just give a click on the Image 🙂

I think now, it is time to show you some of the patterns that I have in my shop! Some of you might already know that I have already made patterns in my shop for purchase, some of you might not…so I thought that it is a great opportunity through my blog, to share with you on occasion, the ones that I have already available!! These patterns are already created for you to follow along, whether it is single or double…you would receive the word chart with the suggested color delicas- that does not mean you have to use these colors…you may change them to what ever you would like 🙂 I know some of you have bought my patterns already, and some are there because some of you asked me to create them for you, but gave me permission to keep in my shop and share with others! Some of you already may know too, that if I don’t have a pattern here in my shop that you would like to do, that I can create one for you…so remember to just ask or send me a message if you need something special!!

Today, one of the Patterns I want to share with you all is called “The Boy Who Lived-Harry Potter themed Wall Art”. With this Pattern, you will be given a colored chart and a word chart. The Delica colors that I have listed on the pattern are the colors that I have used in completing the design…they are there for reference but may be substituted if need be. This pattern is roughly the size of 3.82 inches by 11.54 inches and it is 2 Drop peyote 🙂 Here it is…

Do you want to make this…Just click on the Image to find out how!!

Next, I would like to share with you some of the available kits in my shop at the moment. As of today, I only have one available kit to share with you all. It is the new 5×7 Monthly Peyote Art in a Bag kit(Pattern of August Snowman)YAY!!! Very soon I will have the New Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit pattern ready and will be sharing that with you as well…Just hang tight…I can tell you it will have the same kind of theme as the August’s Art in a Bag kit!! 😉

Having Christmas in the Summer seems to be a popular thing…and so I decided to do a Christmas themed 5×7 Art in a Bag Kit for you all to enjoy!! The Pattern is of a Snowman and Christmas tree and I think it came out really cute and is a fun pattern to make. With this kit you will get: ALL Delica Beads needed to create the wall art, the Printed Word Pattern, and the Canvas to mount it on to when wall art is complete. Remember… that this pattern is exclusive to this Art in a Bag Kit and will not be sold individually and also, bead colors in kits are subject to availability. This kit will be available from 8/2-823 and will be mailed out on or by the 8/23.

Want to grab one and make for yourself?…Just click on the Image!!

That brings us to the end for today!! As long as life doesn’t get in the way again, I will have the photos edited and a new listing to show you all tomorrow. Soon, I will have more new kits available as well!! What Kind of patterns do you think would make for an awesome bracelet kit or for an art kit?…If you can leave a comment with what you would like to see and who knows…maybe we can make it happen 😉 For now I want to leave you all with this:

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