It’s Monday, Vintage Orange flower set, New listing, & Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month!!

HELLO and GOOD Morning everyone!! It’s MONDAY and LIFE IS GOOD!! I am ready to bead and to be inspired, what about you? Today I am planning on finishing up my Vintage Orange Flower Set-I will show you where I left off on that, then I have a New listing to show you all and last but not least I have the Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month!! Let’s make this week the best ever…ready? I know I am!!

On Friday, I left you all with the Center of the Vintage Orange Flower Set done, as well as the hanger, the strap, and I had just begun working on earrings to go with it. So today I start with the earrings – simple hoop earrings with a tubular herringbone cover to go over the hoops. I know that I will be finishing this set up and getting the final pictures today!! …the new listing for tomorrow?? We shall see…and if I am finishing this set up that means I will be starting something new!! … Remember, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Today’s New Listing is surely something you just have to see!! It’s called Silver and Gold Purple Angel Locket Necklace Set from Grandmother’s Stash. I am not sure how old this Locket is, but it is a piece I found in my Grandmother’s Stash! I just love the mix of the Silver and Gold tones on the Locket, so I wanted to play off of that and ended up matching it with that same ‘mixed up’ look for the rest of the set. There are silver bead frames and gold end-caps. Even the chain at the end of the strand(part of the clasp area) is mixed links of silver and gold! A beautiful set that will surely go with almost any kind of outfit!! If you would like to know more about this set, just give the link a click! 😉

It’s FINALLY HERE!! The New Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month for March is here!! Just LOOK at this one!! Would you like to make this one?!?! It’s easy, order the kit and you will get everything you need to make it and…make your own bracelet!! These kits are made Month to Month and each Month the Pattern will change…This month you will receive this Beautiful Peacock pattern with everything needed to make it into this wonderful bracelet!! This Kit will be available for purchase from 2/19/19 until 3/10/19 and will be mailed by 3/18/19. Just click on the link below to find out more about this awesome kit! 🙂

Wow!! I am just so super excited about the responses I have gotten for March’s Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month and about maybe moving in a new direction with other types of kits like a 5×7 art peyote kit!! I am working on some new ideas and patterns and will be talking more about this very soon!! So stay tuned and keep an eye out for what is to come 🙂 Today I will leave you with this thought:

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to Dance in the Rain.” -Unknown

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