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This Week we asking you to answer a question from each of us – blog hoppers! So, here is my questions…What is your favorite childhood holiday memory? 
Mine is: When I was about 7 my Dad and my Uncle wanted to ‘keep the magic’ alive, so they went outside my window in the middle of the night and rang sleigh bells and hit the roof with a broom.  It also snowed that night, so they put ‘reindeer and sled tracks’ in the new snow.  I was amazed.  I can still remember the sound of the bells (many, many, many years later)

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  1. Manang Kim

    My favorite childhood memory is when I wake up in the morning together with my brother and sister and find out that Santa Claus had come because we have so many gift scattered under the Christmas tree. ^_^

    My entry is here:

  2. Suburban Hooker

    My favorite childhood memory was Christmas when I was 9 and I got a HUGE box to open from Grama and Grampa and it was FULL with well over 100 Barbie and Ken outfits that my Grama had been making by hand for the whole year. She even made a bride dress with a veil and Ken had a tux and she made fur coats and hand crocheted sweaters!! She bought shoes and boots to go with them too! I couldn’t breathe and I also couldn’t wait to get home and get my Barbies dressed for Christmas!!!

  3. Sweet Joni

    Makes me get to thinking about Christmas & that I should start decorating instead of blog hopping but hey this is FUN too! =)

    Favorite Memory? Hmm… When the whole FAMILY was still alive way back when in 1977. It was the BEST Christmas when we were all a family sitting around a deliciously home-cooked meal then gathering in the living room.

  4. Doris Sturm

    Oh, boy…I have so many. I grew up in Germany and we always had a real tree. Our property was surrounded by a big hedge of evergreens and my dad purposely left 2 or 3 trees growing tall when trimming the rest of the hedge, so we’d have a good Christmas tree to choose from.

    He and I would decorate the tree on December 24th and ceremonial “fight” over the marzipan decorations…then at night (in Germany we open our presents in the evening) I’d be downstairs at my Oma’s while the Christkindl came to bring me my presents – but best of all was dinner together with the whole family and lighting our real candles (the dripless kind that were twisted) and standing before all of it’s glory and singing Christmas songs.

  5. Clare

    After a huge Christmas Eve Dinner, sitting around the table with coffee and homemade ice cream, chatting with the parents, siblings, grandparents, spouse, and uncle.

  6. Tammy On the Go

    it was shopping for Christmas with my mom (we lived in England and the Brits know how to make it festive…roasted chestnuts in the streets, live caroling, christmas crackers) and then knowing that every gift under the tree was a sacrifice of love from my dad. Watched him deliver phone books in the snow one year just so he could buy us gifts…

  7. Jean Stockdale

    My favorite childhood memory was getting a Barbie doll! At the time, it seemed like the biggest thing in the world to me1

  8. HeatherOz

    I have very fond memories of all of my childhood christmases. My Mom always played christmas music, we would bake and decorate cookies, visiting christmas light displays, christmas eve pajamas. I love continuing these traditions with my kids!

  9. lv2scpbk

    Eating Christmas meals with my family and grandmother. Playing with Barbie dolls. Also, I remember always trying to sneak a peek at what was inside our wrapped gifts with my sister. We would try to get the scotch tape off very carefully, peek inside and then tape them back up.