KM – What is your favorite book?

The question this week is: What is your favorite book? (If you choose the Bible, be specific and name a certain book of the Bible.)  Let us know why it is your favorite and why you think it would be beneficial for us to read. If you can, put a link to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, so people can buy the book if they want. 

So, here is mine.  When I was a little girl my father would sit on the couch with me in his lap and read two books to me, one was Where the Wild Things Are.  Between these two books I learned how to read and how to face life.  Between these pages and my dad’s voice is my childhood.  

The other book that was read to me and brings back memories is The Frog and the Toad.  This book also keeps my mind and memories alive.
Enjoy this blog hop!    ~KM

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8 Responses

  1. JDaniel4's Mom

    I love your books too. The Giving Tree always makes me sad though. Frog and Toad make me laugh.

  2. Lucy and Ethel

    I also loved these books, but I agree with JDaniel4’s Mom – there is certainly a bit of sadness in The Giving Tree. What an example of unconditional love, though!


  3. Angie Vik

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed looking around yours. The Giving Tree is a good book. How blessed you were to have a parent read to you. I enjoy reading books to my children. God bless.

  4. GrannyKaren

    Very good choices.

  5. LAURA

    I always read Where the Wild Things are to my kids. We love it. 🙂

  6. Doris Sturm

    My favorite is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss because it describes our throw-away society to a T and, specifically outlines exactly where we are heading with our selfish disregard for nature.

  7. I am Lee-Ann...

    The Giving Tree is a great book and I enjoy sharing it with my kids.

  8. lv2scpbk

    My grandson loves Frog and Toad. He got them as stuffed animals at B&Noble.