Loving Son, The Ocean Necklace, Yellow and Purple Flower Earrings and Krafty Max Patterns!

What a day yesterday was!!! I finished and listed a creation, started a new creation (that my dad helped me with) and I got a wonderful card from my son!! Yes, my son might only be 11 but he is so special to me!! He is truly a ‘lover not a fighter’!!  He presented me with a homemade card he made during his break at school!! OH MY!!! 🙂

Today I actually have 2 new listing too!  First is my ‘official’ listing for the day…it is an OCEAN necklace!!  The charms came from a broke necklace that I found in my Grandmother’s Stash (you can read about what that is in the listing). What do you think of it?

Ocean Charm Necklace Set 1

And there are these wonderful flower earrings!! I made them with my students in my Friday night class!!  I just love how they turned out!!  Below the one’s I made are also the students sets….one made just a necklace and the other made a 3 piece set!!

yellow and purple beadwoven earrings 2

class earrings

And now, I feel like a proud ‘mamma’ to show off some of my patterns that other artists are working on!! I love making patterns and to see them come into ‘life’ with someone doing the beading is just so gratifying!!

FireShot Screen Capture #107 - 'Krafty Max Originals' - www_facebook_com_photo_php_fbid=10208384325388676&set=a_3509567660852_2163714_1321672511&type=

FireShot Screen Capture #105 - 'Jessica Lane - Now I have 125_390 rows complete with a total of___' - www_facebook_com_corazondeamor21_posts_957222957

Did you watch me yesterday?  I worked on this wonderful slice of wood from my dad!!  I am loving it!! It is SOOOOO lite!!!  Remember, you can come over to my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

wood slice wrk 6

Have you gotten everything you want form my shop?  Remember the sale only has a few days left and I wont be running a sale like this again for a while, so hurry!!

2000 Blog Post CelebrationSo for now I’ll leave you with this thought;

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!!

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