Madame Sorcha, New Creation, Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month, & Sale on Stranded Bead Sets!!

Good Morning everyone!! It’s Friday!! That means I get to spend the day BEADING and enjoying the day, then get ready to have a weekend of FAMILY and FRIENDS!! 🙂 Are YOU all planning on doing something special?? Shall we get started?… today I have the new listing of Madame Sorcha, the start of a new creation, the peyote bracelet kit of the month, and a sale to tell you all about!!

First off, let’s start with the work in progress on the new creation…the making of the Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month for March. This will be the Beautiful and Vibrant Peacock Pattern that I have been showing you all! So far, I was able to do a few rows last night and got up to row 25, which has a total of 450 beads in already!!- doesn’t seem like it but since the beads are so tiny, they sure do add up quickly!! I also put the end bar on the bracelet too!! So today, I will be starting on from row 25…let’s get going and see how far I can get on this very colorful and pretty peacock!!…Remember, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Since yesterday I was able to finish the Green Agate Gemstone, that means that today’s listing is none other then that!! I decided to give it a fancy name of Madame Sorcha (Green & White) Beadwoven Wearable Art Necklace. I have been told that this stone looks like the mountains in the spring with flowers around it!! I just LOVE that description!! All I know is that I LOVE the stone and hope you all like the design around it! The little ‘roses’ bring the whole look together for me 🙂 And of course if you would like to know more about this stunning Necklace, you can just click on the link 🙂

It’s FINALLY HERE!! The Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month for March is here!! Just LOOK at this one!! Would you like to make this one?!?! It’s easy, order the kit and you will get everything you need to make it and…make your own bracelet!! These kits are made Month to Month and each Month the Pattern will change…This month you will receive this Beautiful & Vibrant Peacock pattern with everything needed to make it into this wonderful bracelet!! This Kit will be available for purchase from 2/19/19 until 3/10/19 and will be mailed by 3/18/19. Just click on the link below to find out more about this awesome kit! 🙂

I am going to be taking my business in a little bit of a different direction! For now on I will be focusing on Beadwoven creations and I will NOT be making/listing any new stranded creations for a while!! I am trying to sell off my current stock of all the stranded bead work only that I have…so there is a sale that is kicking off this morning!! Make sure you come and grab all your favorites up–remember that everyone of my creations are OOAK (one of a kind)!! Sale ends 3/31/19!!

Wow!! I had a lot to show you all today!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with fun and adventure. I know I plan to! Well my friends, I am off for now, but I shall be back soon 😉 I’ll leave you with this little quote:

“happy FRIDAY, Let the WEEKEND begin!” -Unknown

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