Making Monday 3/30/15 (Neotique Design Shope, One Spark and Moving Sale)

OK, this weekend thing just keeps happening to quick!  Between the show (Friday and Saturday) and taking yesterday off to spend with the family there seems to be no down time….but that is OK!!  The show was a great success and I was able to meet some of the most wonderful people!!  Here is what my set-up looks like….both sides of the isle!!  Oh, and if you look at them closely you’ll see my hubby, he helped me set-up on Friday!! 🙂  What a wonderful hubby!! 
And this morning it is back to the bead tray!! I am so happy to just sit and bead!!  I hope that you still want to watch this one…we’re getting to the end!!  I hope you’ll come over  to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page  were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day.
Don’t forget, if you want to purchase something from my studio, do it now…..the discount will only last until I move each item over to the new site!!
I am not sure if you have heard of 1Spark before, but here it is talked about A LOT!!  It is a great organization to help business get started and grow!!  Well, I have been invited by KATY Cube – Miniature Storefronts to be a part of this amazing festival!!  I am so excited!! I am not sure of ALL the details yet, but I will tell you more as I can!!!  Keep watching for the news!!
And now, let me show you something….this is Mischeif and my beautiful fairies!!  I traded over the weekend for them from Neotique Design Shope.  Let me tell you, this lady is TALENTED!!  I will be doing a feature on her in a few weeks, but before then, just look at what I get to have watching me bead!!
Today I would like to leave you with thought;

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.  ~Albert Einstein
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