Making Monday 4/14/14 (Container Gardens, Black and White and a Tree with a Swing)

What a WONDERFUL weekend I had!! I was able to spend time with my family, a dear friends daughter and even bead!! 🙂  We also worked on a NEW project….that didn’t have beads….for my home!  We made some beautiful ‘fairy’ container gardens!! The girls (my daughter and our friends daughter) decorated some plain wood bird houses (that I modified with a full size door and took out the ‘bird pearch’) with basic items and then….we made the gardens.  What do you think??
I think they are WONDERFUL!!!!! I just love them!!  And the fun is that originally I wasn’t going to do real plants, just a ‘sceene’, but now…I am so happy with them!  They have miniature violets and some ferns and even a few cactus plants!  Most of them are still in their containers too!! Aren’t I lucky????
Many of you watched this one being made, but here is what I did to it that you didn’t see!!  What do you think of the flowers???  Do you think they add to the look?,46/exclusive-black-and-white-flowery-grace-beadwoven-necklace-a-krafty-max-original-design,346
And here, if you want to see it, is the ‘making of’ video!!
And just is case you didn’t see this one from over the weekend…..
And with the finish on one project means that I get to start something new!! This one is for the Free Spirits of the Wild West – 12th non-blogger/blogger challenge.  I not only picked a horse, but this horse stone is special, it is a Totem Energy Stone!!  This one (which my daughter says will be HERS) means Inner Power and Freedom.  Yes, that is my daughter!!  So, here is what I am starting with…. come over and to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day you can watch it grow!!
Here is the current Give-A-Way.  There are 5 prizes to win, so please share it with your friends – you can’t win them all 🙂  !!  And make sure you come back often, I am adding NEW Pinterest entries and there are also the ‘daily’ entries!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Work spares us from three evils;  boredom, vice and need.  ~Voltaire
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