Making Monday 5/19/14 (Rio 2, Lisa Wingate and a CALL for ARTISTS)

What a weekend!!  I spent most of it with family and friends…. it was wonderful!!!  On Saturday we went to see the movie RIO 2…. all I can say, it was WONDERFUL!!  I love the new animated movies that entertain the kids, but also have something for the adults!!  There are little ‘jokes’ or ‘hints’ at things that the adults get and the kids laugh right along with us!!!
Then on Sunday it was time to take time for my son.  So, that meant a trip (almost 3 hours) to Chuck E Cheese.  Yes, I sat there and beaded and my daughter and friend read while my son ran around and played on EVERYTHING!!  But, let me tell you about how well he slept last night…. 🙂
On a bright note, I received my copy (to read only) of The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate.  This book will be out later in the year, but I am honored to be set a ‘pre-released’ copy so that I can read it and then pass it along to my ‘sisters’.  I am so excited.  I am already a chapter or two in and I am LOVING IT!!  I’ll keep you up-to-date on what happens to the book….this is going to be fun!!! 
The down side to the weekend, my camera is not fixed yet!  I should be picking it up today, so I hope that later today I can get everything listed.  I hope!! 
BUT, I am happy to announce that I am having a sale!!  EVERYTHING in my La Juliet Studio must go!  So, I will be refunding 40% of your purchase from my La Juliet site.  Once you buy something – within 24 hours – I’ll refund 40% of your purchase price to you ( I have no way of doing discounts or sales on that studio).  This is open to EVERYONE, so it is FIRST COME FIRST SAVE!!!  You are welcome to share this with your friends/family!!  So go shop and ENJOY!!  
P.S. There are some EXCLUSIVE items there that are NOT in my ArtFire studio.
So, today there aren’t any NEW creations….well, not yet!!  I WILL get my camera fixed or I will use my phone…which ever it takes!!  So, keep checking back today and I should be listing 1 or 2 later today!! 
If you can’t tell I am a bit obsessed with this stitch lately!!  But, it is YOUR fault….everyone keeps telling me how beautiful it is, so I just can’t stop doing it…..ha ha ha (that was sarcastic humor!)!  But this will be my last one for a bit… I am ‘moving on’!! 
And here is a question, do you like this bracelet?  Should I make more?  This one was made out of Czech Crystal and it has already been sold, but the price was really reasonable…it was sold at $16.00!  So, should I make more?  Mixed colors? 
I know that I have asked, and asked and pushed to try to get Featured Artists for my page, but it just seem impossible!  So, unless something changes this feature will be discontinued.  As of now I have RUN OUT of people to do features on.  If you know anyone that would like to be featured they can either fill out this form,go to my Doc on my Fan Page – – or email me and I’ll sent them a word document.  Then send it back to me – – and I will gladly feature any HANDMADE artist.


Please fill out this interview as much as you can.  You can be brief or very lengthy, it is up to you.  I will use what you write to create a FEATURE about you.  You will then be my featured artist for that week.  This will include a post on my blog and features of your art/craft on my other social media sites.  I will try to give you at LEAST 2 days’ notice of when you are going to be posted.  If you would like to tie this into a give-a-way or something else, please let me know and I will try to benefit that as well.  PLEASE post the link of your interview – EVERYWHERE.  If there is anything special or different you would like to try, let me know, I may be open to it! THANK YOU and ENJOY!! ~KM

Ø  What is your name? (If you do NOT want me to use, just let me know)
Ø  What is your Company/studio Name?
Ø  What type of art/craft do you do?  (List or comment on them all)
Ø  What is your FAVORITE art/craft? (If there is more than one)
Ø  Who taught you? (The main person – how you started)
Ø  When did you start creating your art/craft?
Ø  How has your art/craft evolved over the time you have been doing it? (Be as simple or elaborate as you would like)
Ø  What sets YOUR creations aside from others who make similar mediums? (you do NOT have to answer this question if you do not want to)
Ø  How do you sell – if you do? (List or comment on them all; on-line, shows, home parties, etc.)
Ø  Attach photos or post links of (up to 5) of your favorite creations. (with explanations if you wish)
Ø  Have you WON awards? (List of Comment on the TOP 1 or 2 awards you have won)
Ø  Have you or your art/craft been published? (List of Comment on the TOP 1 or 2 times you have been published)
Ø  What is the PRIMARY link you would like me to post with your interview?
Ø  List all the links you would like included.
Krafty Max Originals
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Remember that a grateful heart is almost always a happy one.
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