Making MOnday 7/14/14 (My MOM, Gift Certificate and Video’s)

I had a wonderful weekend, one of those that was busy and yet relaxing!  I spent most of Saturday with my hubby unit making Quesada’s as a fundraiser for them!!  It was HOT, but great work.  Everyone loved the fresh made food!! 
Then it was relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend with the kids!!  I did bead a little, but not much!! We even played Monopoly last night….we usually set a time limit and just play for fun, so often there isn’t even a winner!! 🙂  
For me, it was wonderful!!
Before I go much farther I want to show off my mom!!  Yes, that it right, my mom.  She is my inspiration and has taught me so very much about life, family, love, honor and crafting.  She herself is a master quilter, weaver and so much more!!  I have to say that I only HOPE I can live in her image and that I make her proud in all the things I do. 
She and I are a part of the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Books to preview one of Lisa Wingate’s new books.  So, not only were we giving a PRE-release of The Story Keeper, but we got to share our experiences reading it and what we thought.  It has been a wonderful experience and there are still two ‘sister’ that are still reading it or waiting for it.  Here is the photo my mom sent me to post for her….she is just so beautiful!!
Now, if you don’t know what that is that she is sitting at, it is a loom.  Well, to be specific it is a Gilmore Loom.  Yes, my parents own Gilmore Loom‘s.  My dad hand makes every loom – literally by hand – and send them out across the world.  My mom weave, teaches and helps with the finish work on the looms.  
Now, know where I get all my creativity??
Today I don’t really have a new creation, but I do have a new listing….this is my new gift certificate listing (there are 4 different amounts)….but here is the bonus….I have left the 30% off sale still on….so if you get one by the end of the day….you’ll get the discount too!!
Just look at this!! I worked a little over the weekend, and got one end done!!! Want to see more?  Come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
One thing I DID do over the weekend was catch up on the ‘making of video’.  So here are 3….I know, a lot at once, but they are fun to watch….even for me!! 🙂  
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed. ~Bennett Cerf
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