Making Monday 8/4/14 (A New Bike, Growing Krafty Max and a $25 Certificate to Win)

What an amazing weekend!!!   The The Better Together Mom Conference was amazing!! I was able to meet so many wonderful authors, mothers and just amazing women!! The whole conference was filled with love and hope!!
On top of that I was able to meet several amazing vendors, including handmade artists Simply Scented Candles and Angry Sisters Natural!!!  I hope to be featuring them both over the next week or two!!!  And then, there was my neighbor, Bonnie Denmeade a Thirty One Consultant.  And let me just say, between the three of them….I think I shopped the weekend away – but it was SO worth it!!
Beyond all that we also were able to get Monster a NEW bike!! His old one was recently stolen in broad daylight out of our front yard while we were gone on a run to the post office!! But, he is pretty happy with his new bike – and he locks it to EVERYTHING!!
I am just so amazed that so few people have entered to win a $25 Certificate from my studio… wow, I thought this one would have LOTS of entries!! Oh well, some lucky fan will still win!! (no matter what form you enter on, the entries all go to the same place)
As you watched, these elephants grow and because a bracelet!! Now they are finished and listed!!  ENJOY them!!
And when I finish a new project it is always time to start a new one! Here are the new colors/beads…what do you think??
And then, I was included in both of these amazing collections…just look at all the beautiful handmade items!!
There are only a few more days to pledge to help Krafty Max Grow!!  Even if you can’t pledge, can you share it and pass around the word??  Please???
WOW, that is a lot for one day!! I would like to leave you with this message;

The time you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted time!! ~Bertrand Russell
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