Making Monday 9/22/14 (NO HUSBAND NEEDED, 2014 Gift Guide and Kickstarter – Last Days)

My weekend sale was a great success, so much so that I decided to continue it until Wednesday 9/24, so if you want to catch everything at 30% off, now is the time!! 
We also had a wonderful – totally different – weekend than we planned.  Aye didn’t go to camp – she got sick.  Hubby had to work on Sunday and the Art’s Market was rained out….but…we still had fun!! The weekend was full of family and beads (since I had more time than expected).  So, life goes on!! 
I hope that your weekend was wonderful and full of FUN!!
Here is where I start off this morning on my Dragonfly Necklace, this is the back…has to look just as good as the front!! THANKS to  Ms. Elfie – Painting from the Heart I have an amazing center to work with!!! You can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page; I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
What colors do you want to see next? Yellow and Black or Teal and Brown?

There are only a couple of days left, but I would still love to get pledges….remember, every $1 helps!! 
Although these aren’t new listing there wonderful to show off!! First, I have been showing you lots of my NO HUSBAND NEEDED Klasp Helpers, do you know what they are??

Yep, that is right, you can now put on your OWN bracelet or necklace without your hubby around!! These handy little Klasp Helpers are wonderful to look at and perfect to use!! Simply use the alligator clip on the links of the NON CLASP side of your bracelet and hold in your hand as shown. You know have a steady hold on that end, simply pick up the other end and clasp!!

Now do you get it??
And then there is this one….I just love it!! YEP, it is real BONE!!
I’ve already had some sign up, but now is the time!! 
$5 for Name and up to 5 lines of text (or business card copy)
$15 1/2 Page of your artwork (or I can help with that)
$30 FULL Page of your artwork (or I can help with that)
$50 2 Page SPAN and business card copy in the directory
Simply email me, leave a comment or message me and I will send you an invoice!! Last year we had over 2200 views and I know I had several direct sales from it.  This year it will be ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ and I’ll be getting it out right before Thanksgiving instead of 3 weeks before Christmas….very reasonable advertising!!
Want to see last years?  Here you go –  (Just a side note, when it was published it was through ‘glossy’, they have moved it now to ‘’.)
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

If you have knowledge let others light their candles by it!
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