Manic Monday 10/7/13

Well, it is Monday, that is about all I can say!!  I woke this morning full of energy and life.  Now, I just need to carry that feeling throughout the day!  I hope that your day is wonderful and full of life…I think we all deserve a day with nothing but smiles!!
Yesterday I finished my black and white necklace.  I think it turned out wonderful!!  With over 60 hours of beading put into it is so simple looking.  What do you think?  Would you wear it??
And for those of you that want to watch, here is the ‘making of’ video!
Today I get to start a new creation!  I am excited about this one, it only has 3 colors, but it is full of ‘expression’!!  So, if you want to watch the creation grow, check out my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!
There are only a few more days left to save 25% on all items listed in my studio!!  I am so excited about this sale.  Please come over and look, you’d be surprised at what 25% off does to the prices of your favorite items!!
Just like my sale, there is only a few days left to enter this give-a-way.  It will be my last from the ’tis’ the season’ collection I received from Prima Bead’s.  It is just so easy to enter, and there are daily entries, so make sure you come back and ‘tweet’ to get as many entries as you can!! 

This collection is just full of COLOR!! 🙂


Today’s featured artist is: domi.  Although there isn’t a bio on this artists studio it is easy to see that each photo is taken with such care.  I just love this one!  And the name – Wind – I can almost feel the wind blowing through!!  Remember, always support handmade artists whenever you can.
WIND / full colour fotography
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Those who would attain to any marked degree of excellence in a chosen pursuit must work, and work hard for it, prince or peasant. 
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