Manic Monday 1/14/13

What a weekend!!  Monster had his 8th birthday – oh my!!  I had games, food and fun out for all his friends, but they all ended up playing outside until it was time for the presents, then the cake and ice cream was ready.  But, right away there were water guns passed out and they were outside running around again!!  It was a wonderful day!
Many of you have been watching this bracelet grow, it started off looking like this:
and now looks like this;
Today I will try to finish the design and add the fringe and clasp…. I hope to get it done today…. maybe!!  Remember you can keep watching my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch this one grow and develop.
There is still a few days left to enter this contest…. another GREAT book for beaders!!  Here is the book, click on the photo to enter!!  Have fun!!
Today’s featured artist is; AccentsandPetals.  This great studio has so many things to look at that it was hard to choose just one item to feature!  All of their items are made from recycled materials.  These are simply beautiful!  I am so amazed at the talent it takes to start with a old pallet and make it into these flowers!!  What a great way to celebrate your wedding or another special event – by recycling and also having something to keep!  Please remember to always support handmade artists!
Yellow Sunflowers - Birch Wooden Flowers
Today I would like to leave you with this thought:
It’s Life.  You don’t figure it out.  You just climb up on the beast and ride!
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  1. Lady Bren

    Oh how i miss those b’day parties 🙂