Manic Monday 12/2/13 (Current Project, New Listings, LeatherShoppe)

Once again, our weekend has been long, full of family and simply wonderful!!  Many of you celebrated Thanksgiving with us and even more of you gave thanks to all the wonderful things in your lives.  I was also able to spend much of my time beading and decorating!!  Our house will be decorated – to the teeth – this year!  For some reason I have more ‘seasonal spirit’ than normal!!  I’ll show you photos of my decorations….when they are all done!! 
But, now to show you what I’m working on and what I have listed over the last few days!!  Don’t forget, I have a sale in my studio until the end of the year, too!! 
First let me show off my current project!!  This is Black Onyx beads that I am using as the base of a bracelet.  They are so BLACK and SMOOTH  that is is really fun to work with.  Please come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch it grow !! 
I know that there are a few to look at, but all these were listing over the last couple of days!  Come on over and look at them all!!,94/exclusive-hematite-and-silver-beautiful-necklace-set-a-krafty-max-original-design,127,92/exclusive-beautiful-vintage-red-ceramic-star-necklace-set-from-my-grandmother-s-stash-a-krafty-max-original-design,126,92/exclusive-black-banded-agate-and-swarovski-crystals-necklace-set-a-krafty-max-original-design,128
And now to the BIG project!!
And just in case you missed it, here is the ‘making of’ video of this necklace!!
Please don’t forget that I have a great sale going on until the end of the year in my studio….10% off and free shipping….so please go check it out and remember, you can get a gift for yourself, as well!! 🙂
And for any of you that are still looking for ideas, please check out this great gift guide I put together… it has something for everyone!
I have decided to start up the ‘featured artist’ section again!  Today, my featured artist is: leathershoppe.  I have to tell you that there isn’t a BIO with this shop, however, I can tell just by looking at the beautiful creations in it that they are made with love.  Look close and you’ll see the attention to detail!  I was first attracted to this studio because of a journal (that I will show off on my fan page) but I featured it because of this purse!  Just look at how beautiful it is!!  Please check out this studio and remember to always support handmade artists!!
leather ladies purse leather messenger bag leather cross body bag leather women bag leather tote bag leather carry bag
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Joys of Friendship;  The better the friend, the less cleaning you do before she comes over!
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