Manic Monday 3/4/13

The weekend for us was full of fun and family!  On Saturday we spend the day at Hubby’s Forida Nation Guard Unit helping out with a Homemade Chili and Hotdog Lunch fundraiser!!  It was COLD and WINDY, but so much fun!!  It is nice to be able to be around hubby’s unit, they are so friendly and so many of them are like family to us – we’ve been with this unit for over 10 years!
I have announced the winner for my Book for Beaders give-a-way – it is Maggie Swanson Moody. 
There was also a winner announced by Creative Artworks Blog.  It is Ms. Eugenie Wu!!  Congrats to you!!
Because of my family weekend I didn’t get to work on my project very much, so here is the last update I did – row 103.  There will be more updates on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.
 Today my featured artist is; byKEONA.  I am completely fascinated with this great artist!!  She describes herself as; Rodeo Drive Hippie Flower Child.  Just that alone should tell you something!! 😉 But, I have to say that after look around her studio I am so inspired!!  She has something for just about everyone, and in many ‘new’ fashionably styles that have the old and new in a twist.  Please go visit her studio and I am sure you’ll find something that you enjoy!!
 Temptress Chunky Scarf
Today I will leave you with this thought;
Don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones.
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2 Responses

  1. Keona

    Thank you so much for generous act of support. This kindness will not go unnoticed. I am forever grateful and will “pay it forward”. If you don’t mind providing a mailing address, I would be so happy to send you a little gift :o)

    • Krafty Max

      I am glad you liked it, it is wonderful to know that you enjoyed it!! 🙂