Manic Monday 4/15/13

Oh my goodness, I had such an amazing weekend, and now, it really going to be a MANIC Monday!! After almost 2 days of down time with my computer I was able to get up and runing at full blast over the weekend!  It is amazing how long it takes to get all your programs re-loaded, you settings back to ‘just right’ and all your files restored!!  But, it was so nice to be able to do things without it crashing every 10 minutes!!!! With all that being said, it was a great weekend and I want to show you what I got in the mail…. these are from some of the most talented artists I know!!! 
First – JenniferLNilsson‘s beautiful bookmark!  It is an orignal painting!!  YEP, she painted right on the bookmark and then sealed it!  The colors and design in this bookmark is just amazing – and of course, my daughter saw it and it is now hers!!  But, she is a BIG reader and it will get LOTS of use!! Click on the photo to go to this wonderful studio and see all the OTHER creations she does….I have MANY!!
I also received these amazing beads from Maybeads before, but this time it was different.  She and I worked together to get just the right beads for what I wanted to make.  Let me tell you who/what these beads are for…..(sorry the photo is so bad) the turtle and octopus is for someone special – it is called BFF’s and there is someone in my life who loves octs!!  The owl was given to Aye – yes I know, I spoil her! The puppy and snakes are for me to create and include into a couple of my Krafty Max creations!! I can’t wait!!  As with the bookmark Aye saw the little owl and simply fell in love!!  I have to put it on a chain and get it ready for her to wear, but she is sooooo excited!!! Again, click on the photo and go see what other AMAZING creations she has in her studio!!!
Last night I was able to finish my ‘little girl with a flower umbrella’ bracelet.  Today I’ll have to do a mini photo shoot and get her listed, but here is the last photo I have of her…..
And with the finish of one creation means I get to start another one… so, I am putting out some new colors for another bracelet….you can watch it grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page and watch my progress!
I haven’t ‘put this one out there much’, so the entries are still very low….who wants to enter??  Another Book for Beaders give-a-way!!
Over the last few days of the week I listed a couple of new items….so I wanted to show them off.  Click on photos to see the listings!!
So, do you think that is enough for one day???  I want to just leave you with this thought;
Life will sometimes hand you a magical moment.  Savor it!!
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