Manic Monday 5/6/13

Is it really Monday already??? REALLY??? I think I want to go back to the weekend, OK?? It rained for 4-5 days in a row and we didn’t get to see the sun, and then…..YESTERDAY…..oh my!! The day was bright, shinny and beautiful!!  So, let’s all go back to yesterday, OK??  It think if we ALL do it it would work, right??? 🙂
Today I have a busy, FULL blog, so let’s get going!!
 I just HAVE to have a sale for MOTHERS DAY!!  Why? Because I am a mother and I love to share my adventures with you!!!  Then, you ask why 22%?  Well, my oldest child is 22 years old, that means that I have ‘offially’ been a mother for 22 years!  It seemed right to me!  So, any purchase $25 or more will receive 22% off with the code – MothersDay2013!  Have fun and THANK YOU for all your support of my creations and adventures!! P.S. It ends on 5/13/13.
So, I did get this one finished last night.  I also was able to do a mini photo shoot, edit and list this bracelet!  It is my first attempt at doing this type of bracelet….and, it is already sold!  Yep, it sold right a way and is already ready to be worn by it’s new owner!!
And you know what it means when I finish a project, right???  I picked out these colors a bit ago, but I am just getting to start it!  So, any guesses yet??  If you would like, you can watch my current project grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page.  
Today’s featured artist is: playingwithpaint. This great artist does simple and yet absolutely beautiful creations.  I just fell in love with this beautiful owl!!  She works with many mediums and even does custom orders!  Please, go visit her studio and I am sure you’ll find something you love!!
Autumn Owl - Watercolor Print
Today I would like to leave you with this thought:

Stand up for what you believe even if you have to stand alone.
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  1. Katie G

    These are awesome….I am your newest follower

    • Krafty Max

      Welcome, and THANK YOU for finding me!! ~KM