Manic Monday 6/17/13

WOW!  What a weekend we had!!  I was able to bead on Saturday, but Sunday was spent with hubby – celebrating Father’s Day.  I spent the morning cooking and prepping for the wonderful afternoon we had at a dear friends house!!  We spend the afternoon in her pool and splashing around!! Then, dinner and all of us came home exhausted!!!  Over all, a great day!!  Hubby even got a little bit of a sunburn to show off his ‘good time’!! 🙂  
I was able to finish my purple rose creation, but I haven’t gotten it posted yet!  I did post a couple of other new creations (I’ll show those off in just a few) and start working on a couple of other new projects…’ll see!!!  
Here is couple of new listing from today and over the weekend!!  If you want to see more, just click on the photo and you’ll see the rest of the information on each!!
Here is the last photos of the Purple Rose creation;
And here, is the new creation’s colors…this project is VERY large and has been inspiring for me to do.  The designing of it took many hours, and now, the beading of it!!  Please watch my Fan Page or Google+ page to watch this creation grow throughout the days!!  
I have a new Book for Beaders give-a-way for you to win!!  Simply click on the book image to go and enter – and there is a bonus entry you can do tooooo!
Today I would like to leave you with just one simple word…
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