Manic Monday 6/24/13

Oh my goodness, it was a weekend to remember!!  First I spent most of Saturday working on my BIG project and I just can’t tell you enough, how much I am enjoying making this.  Beading for me is how I keep my sanity, but this creation is going so far beyond that.  I am not really sure why or how, but this piece is speaking to me!!  I have never experienced this before, but I have to say that if you have – you will totally understand – if not, I just can’t explain it to you.  
On Saturday night my daughter (and hubby) surprised me with a dinner out at Red Lobster for my birthday!! Aye had called and set everything up!! We had 14 people there!!!  I have to say that I felt so loved and it was such a wonderful surprise for me…. I usually plan everything and make things ‘happen’ for others… it was nice to be taken care of with so much love!!!  Thank you, my dear daughter, you are wonderful!!
Then on Sunday I took the day off – from the computer and from beads.  For me, that is a BIG thing!!!  But, we were able to spend some great family time…including hubby BBQ’ing for dinner!! 
But now, it is back to reality!  This morning I am taking my Monster to camp.  This is such a big step for us.  With all his ‘issues’ he really doesn’t spend time away from us – even with family – very often.  This will be a whole week away from me!  I am not sure if I am more excited or worried!  I know that he will have a great time and that he will be VERY well taken care of…..but still!!!

Here is a new listing for today… this one is simple and beautiful… what do you think??

And here is one I listed on Saturday…. it is just FUN!!!

Here is the last photo I left off with P2 Row 188 – but remember, you can watch my Fan Page or Google+ page to watch this creation grow throughout the day!!


Just look at this AMAZING collection that I am included in… wow, just look at all that talent!!

WE HAVE WINNERS!!! CLICK on the photo to see the post with the winners!!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Occasionally let your children help you, even if it slows you down.

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