Manic Monday 7/15/13

Yep, it is a MANIC Monday again!! What a week last week!! I introduced my great news, being part of the new Prima Beads Blog Team Members, finished and listed several creations, beaded like crazy and just had a wonderful week!! NOW I get to keep it going!! YEP, more and more and more!!
This week I will also be focusing on the Prima Beads  package I received!  So, here we go….
First I pick out these from the welcome kit!
Then I added these from my own stash;
Then I cut the chain into 3 matching lengths and attached them with copper jump rings to the clasp I picked out from my own stash.
Next I attached a section of fine beading wire with a copper jump ring and wire guardian .  I ALWAYS use wire guardians, they are one of the best inventions of the modern jewelry era.  They not only hold the wire tight and protect it from the wear and tear of rubbing on the jump ring, it also makes it harder for the wire to ‘slip’ through the ‘split’ in the ‘split ring’ you are using!! You might also notice that I almost always use OVAL split rings – the ‘split’ is on the side and it makes it much harder to open / separate during use.
Next I wove the wire through the links of the chain and added beads along the way….randomly, but in the ‘rule of three’.
Then  another wire on another chain, this one with JUST the little black glass beads.  I wove that one through the chain as well.
Then I attached everything, including the pendant and made earrings… here is the final creation!
Remember, this and some of the other creations I am making will be auctioned off later to benefit the American Red Cross.  So, come back and see what I make tomorrow (yes, there is still more) and learn a little about my ‘process’.  
Of course I have to show off this one – most of you watched it grow last week, but when I finished it and listed it on Saturday I was surprised with the reaction!! I knew I loved it, but…. by Sunday it was already sold!! YEP!!  I guess I’ll have to make more like this… uuummm, another design working right now!!
BUT, don’t worry, I have another new listing.. just for today!! This is another on from my Grandmother’s Stash.  I am not sure what type of stone this fish is carved into and I don’t know how old it is, but it is just soooo cool!!
Over the weekend I started a new project, here are the colors I picked….
And from last night, here is the most recent working photo!  This is actually the BACK, but you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day!!
Only a FEW HOURS left…. it is VERY simple to enter to win this Prima Beads Class in a Box Give-A-Way.  Simply click on the photo and you’ll go to the post where you can enter… there are daily entries too!!
Today’s featured artist is TheMushroomsDoor.  This amazing artist is inspired by the beauty around her and it really shows!! Here creations are not on cute, but each has an amazing personality!!  I really had a hard time picked out only one to feature, but in the end, this one won out… you can see why!!  This puppet just made me fall in love!!  I know that they are puppets, but….  Make sure you go check out this studio… it WILL make you smile!! And remember, always support handmade artists when you can!!
The performer, a handmade puppet
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. ~ Albert Einstein
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