Marvelous Monday 12/5/11

OH my goodness!!  Talk about a crazy weekend! 
First it started with most of the day Saturday being consumed by a Science Project for Aye’s class.  Yes, we played with toxic acid, watched as different metals were ‘melted’ and dissolved.  What a day!!
I’ll show you the ‘board’ on another post… it really was pretty cool!!
Then on Sunday life became CRAZY!  I went out with hubby for his Florida National Guard duty.  I watched as he was part of the formation in his uniform….doesn’t he look good?
and then it was set up time for his annual party!  I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful unit.  We put together a tree and a ‘blank’ room to have a wonderful Christmas Party.  Santa was even there!  We had lots of toys for the kids….
And for the drawings….
And even Monster was up for the fun!
Now for my new listing for today!  I just fell in love with these ceramic beads.  They have butterflies and flowers on them! Matching them up with Swarovski Crystals and making it a 3 piece set was all I needed for inspiration! 
So, as you can see I was busy this weekend, BUT WAIT, there is MORE!!
Reading with Bakin’ Goddess has a wonderful interview of me – it was fun!  These are questions that you don’t normally really get from an interviewer, but it really was FUN!  They are also giving away this bracelet from my studio
So run on over there and enter….. it is SOOOOO easy! simply CLICK HERE and follow/comment as needed!  
Oh ya, I am doing a give-a-way  too!   
If your name is drawn, you’ll receive this book and two beading magazines! Is supper easy to enter as well, so go, check it out, and HAVE FUN!

So, as you can see, I have been busy!  What did you do this weekend?  Want to share?  Please leave a comment!!  
I’ll leave you with this thought…. Creativity is Crazy to some…. I think I am on the line! ~KM
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