Marvelous Monday

Oh my goodness!!  What a week we had!!  First, let me tell you, our ‘little  mini vacation’ was the first we have ever had as a family!  Hubby’s UPS schedule means that almost every holiday he is working!  With the Florida National Guard there seems to always be something going on the weekends that UPS doesn’t make him work.  I can’t tell you how many times he has had duty on Mother’s day, Father’s day, our anniversary, our birthdays, etc.  Although I know that the military doesn’t schedule around US, there are days that I wish it would!  We have gone on some DAY trips before, but NEVER spent the night in a hotel and just been AWAY with all 4 of us!!  Because of that military connection and the discounts we were given this was our chance!!  We only went about  1 1/2 hours away from the house to a little town called Ocala, but, boy was it nice!!
I am gong to space out our few days over the next few posts – we did a BUNCH each day!
First thing we did was go to Silver Springs.  It is a nature park that my hubby went to when he was a kid.  Because it was on a Wednesday the only other people that were there was a couple of summer camp groups.  They were on their way out when we were on our way in!  It was a beautiful day!  Here is some photos from our first day!
(if you can’t see the slideshow, please view from my blog, NOT a blog reader)

Not bad, hu?  Then there was swimming and fun in the hotel pool!  Check back tomorrow and I’ll show you what we did next….. I think I am still paying for that!! 
Here is today’s new listing…. hope you like it!!
Ok, I just had to feature DandelionGirl. She has this wonderful vintage bamboo tray from Silver Springs.  I wish I had been able to see the park when it was at it’s ‘hay day’.  This tray is just wonderful!  Make sure you visit this wonderful studio and see all the other great items she has.  Don’t forget to tell her where you heard about her too!
For today I would like everyone to look around them and find something to be thankful for.  For me, it is my family and friends – and my beads!!  ha ha ha  ~KM

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  1. Amber @ Quilted Euphoria

    Glad you got to have such a fun vacation!