Marvelous Monday

First, I must apologize, there wasn’t any Fabulous Friday post.  I had wanted to do one, but the Garage Sale started just toooo early and I wasn’t able to get up and get it done. 
The sale went well, we did pretty good on Friday, not really anything on Saturday, but in the end we got RID of many things!!!  Between what we sold and what we gave to good will I would say that it was a GOOD weekend!!  
Because I am still sunburned (only mildly) and still warn out, today’s post will be short.  I would like to say GOOD MORNING to everyone and show you the hop I’ll be doing!! 

Remember to live everyday like it is the END OD THE WORLD!! ~KM
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11 Responses

  1. Michelle

    Our garage sale is coming up in a couple weeks, hope we do well!!

  2. Frugal in WV

    I have a garage sale every summer, but this summer I decided to donate to goodwill, I just can’t make enough money to make it worthwhile in my area. Following you from the monday mingle blog hop, have a great week! You can find me at

  3. cajunlicious

    Hi! Following you from the Monday Mingle blog hop! Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
    – Jessica @

  4. Doris Sturm

    That garage sale sounds like fun – I should try to clear out some stuff to make more room (for yarn) in here 😉

    Thanks for visiting me. I’ve not blogged much lately, but it’s been so hot that I can’t spend much time outside anymore and I hope to catch up with everyone!

    Have a great day, Marci!

  5. YUMMommy

    Glad that the garage sale went well. Here’s to hoping that your sunburn will continue to heal up and go away. Have you tried putting pure Aloe on it? I’ve been sunburned twice and the Aloe really helps with the healing process as well as soothing the burn.

  6. mmc67

    Hi! Following you from the Monday Mingle blog hop. Would love for you to check out

  7. Crystal Jigsaw

    I used to do car boot sales years ago. I could definitely benefit from doing a sale now, we have a house full of clutter!

    Thanks for the follow, I’m following your blog, too.

    CJ xx

  8. KPort207

    Thanks for following me on just the two of us and deals. I already follow you via gfc-kport207

  9. Thanks for stopping by and for following! I am following you back! Our neighborhood has a “community yard sale” weekend where anyone who wants to participate can, and it is advertised to increase traffic. I’ve never actually done it before, but the piles of outgrown baby toys are getting bigger, so one of these days I will need to bite the bullet and actually organize and label them for selling. I just don’t know when I’d have the time!

    Looks like you had a good turnout! Good for you!


  10. Anna

    Following Back!

  11. Tracy

    Trying to follow you from Monday Hop, but your GFC must be down, it’s not loading for me. 🙁

    Please let me know when it’s back up and I will follow you back!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly