Marvelous Monday

Today is the first working day of 2011.  For most of us it starts off the New Year.  I have had a wonderful Christmas and New Years holiday, better than I could ever expected!  I was fortunate to have family, friends and some very cherished loved one’s around me during the holidays.  Santa was very good to our family and spread the holiday cheer without sending any coal this year.  

I feel like I am standing on a cliff, with the choice to jump or not.  My beaded work is very slow to sell, and yet I still see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My home is filled – to the brim – with ‘things’ that need to be cleaned out.  And my weight is still a BIG issue (pardon the pun).  So as today kicks off the New Year, so will I.  I have been working on many new beaded creations over the holidays and will slowly list them for you to see.  My cleaning will add lots more to my DESTASH studio – and not just beads and beading supplies.  My weight, well, that is something I have to do on my own! 

So I thought I would kick off the New Year with a wonderful artist that seems to catch my mood and feelings with this photograph.  ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is a beautiful photo that was taken in rural Kentucky.  You can almost feel the morning mist.

Please check out CountryDreaming’s studio and look at all the wonderful photos there.  Being a self taught photographer you will be delighted in the style and beauty of each photograph.  

What are your New Years resolutions?  Do you even make them? Do you write them down for everyone to see?  Do you tell anyone?  

Let’s make it a MARVELOUS MONDAY and 2011.  I am sure that together we can do ANYTHING that we set out to do including making all of our resolutions come true!   ~KM
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5 Responses

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  2. Marsha Wiest-Hines

    I think we are all teetering on the brink with you! A happy, peacful and prosperous 2011 to you!

  3. Kreativlink

    Happy New Year! You go girl! 🙂

  4. CountryDreaming

    May the sun shine bright for you in 2011 … Happy New Year! Thanks for featuring my photo. 🙂

  5. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you all. CountyDreaming, you are so very welcome!! ~KM