Marvelous Monday 4/2/12

Oh my goodness, what a weekend!!  As many of you know I live in Jacksonville, Florida.  Well, it was a weekend of rain, hot and really hot weather!  I did, however, get a bunch of beading done!  Some of the storms were so bad that you could barely see out the windows.  And then the HEAT came back!  UCK!  It is already breaking records here… I can’t wait for the summer… that was said with the most DRY of humor?!?!  Oh well, I got a bunch of beading done!!  🙂 
I already listed a new listing today … here it is …. this is another one from my Grandmother’s stash.  I just love finding new things every time I look in the box!  
A Rhodonite Heart Can Fall In Love TOO Necklace Set
*** I have put a new category in my Krafty Max ArtFire Studio so that all my creations that are from my Grandmother’s stash will be together.  Please go check it out, if you can!!
 Now, to show off the work of  SewAmazin.  This great studio has it all!!  I just love the ‘collar covers’.  What a great idea.  Instead of changing the tags and collar overtime you want to ‘up-date’ your dogs style, you just change the cover!  This is GREAT!!  I also just love these little purses – and they have matching accessories too! Please go check it out….and remember to support hand made artist!
And as a closing thought, 
Kind words cost no more than unkind ones.  Kind words produce kind actions, not only on the part of those to whom they are addressed, but on the part of those by whom they are employed.
– Jeremy Bentha
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  1. Amber

    It always brightens my day reading your Blog 🙂 Thank you for sharing your smile with all of us!!

  2. Amber

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  3. Sandy Padgett

    i just found your Blog and you have a wonderful way with words and beads. I really brightens my morning reading your cheerful last words of encouragement and looking at your new stuff you just made. Keep up the great work. from a new reader.