Marvelous Monday 6/11/12

Here it is, Monday again!  For us it is the start of our summer vacation!  The kids are already 1/2 bored and 1/2 anxious to be outside.  Living in Florida does has it’s perks, but for right now the rain is NOT one of them.  It has rained – LOTS – everyday for the last 2 weeks.  Between the flooding and bugs it is hard to be outside playing around!!   We have this drainage ditch behind our house that seems to be growing from a ditch to a lake!!  The problem is that there isn’t room for a lake!!  
Now I know that we have all had that moment when we realize that our child is having more fun with the box that the present came in than the present you gave him….well, this was one of those moments.  The box is actually from a new hammock that I ordered from  (if you don’t know about woot,com,  you really need to check it out……I love IT!) But after Monster helped me open it he promptly claimed it as his own!  These were taken – just for fun – inbetween the calls to ‘TAPE ME UP MOM’!!  It was a good 15 minutes of FUN!!
So the weekend was spent creating some new necklace sets, finishing up a custom order and working on something new.  I did list one for today – it is something I showed you a couple of days again – in the making.  I just love these little beads.  They are dyed shell and they are so vibrant and smooth.  Talk about matching everything!!!  

A Rainbow of Color Among the Leaves Necklace Set

Now this is something else that I need to show off…. my great order from CrossStitchCards.  I am at ah of how beautiful these cards are!  My dear friend does such a great job with her creations.  I am always so proud and excited to give these cards out to my friends and family.  The price, by the way, is about the same as what you pay at a Big Box Store – but the quality and love – so much more!!
Now, to close out today I would like to remind everyone that I have a sale going on in my studio.  It is 30% off all items!  It will be ending at midnight today, so if you really want something special – now is the time!
No burden is too heavy when it is carried with love.

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