Marvelous Monday 7/16/12

As an update I’ll start off by telling you all that my washing machine is still not working – very well….the part had to be ordered. I am able to do a few things on delicate cycle…. just enough to get us by!  But, the good news…..should be fixed today!  My AC – has worked wonderfully all weekend!!! ya hooooo!  
The weekend was full of family and fun!  I took Aye and her friend to the Mall on Saturday….OMGoodness!  I really don’t like shopping!  I am getting more and more the kind of ‘get in, get it, get OUT’ type of shopper!!  But 12 and 13 year old girls….not so much!!!  But, we found some great sales for my daughter who is now HUGE – not fat, just ADULT sized already – at 12!!!
Between working on some beads, BBQ’ing for dinner, working on the yard and getting things together for a Jewelry Making day camp – my weekend was fun and full!  What about yours??
Let me show off my Bead Soup Blog Party stash.  This is the stash I sent to Fire Phoenix Creations.  I can’t wait to see what she makes out of these beads.  Remember, the BIG REVEAL will be on August 11th, so NO PEEKING until then!!!  You can check out what I sent Fire Phoenix Creations in my Wonderful Wednesday post.
Here is the bracelet I am working on…..I will have it finished and ready to list later today!  But here is the ‘teaser’ to show you how it starts!!!

Just wait until you see the finished creation!!
Today’s featured artist… the wild.  This amazing artist seems to catch the ‘essence’ of the animals and insects that make it to the canvass.  I just love this dragonfly!!  You really need to check out the other creations in this studio….and as always, remember to support handmade artists!!
Dragonfly on Dogwood Hand Painted on Tile
Now, for a thought for the day…..
We secure our friends,
not by accepting favors
but by doing them.

– Thucydides
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  1. Thewild by DAS

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