Marvelus Monday 1/2/12

WOW, is it really 2012??  Yep, it sure is!  Happy New Year to anyone that I didn’t already say it to!  What an amazing year we had in 2011 and I just can’t wait until 2012 get rolling!!  We are going to be making this one a ‘bigger and better’ year!  
I thought I would do the dreaded Top 5 list.  Yep, even I have to do one!  This is a list of the top 5 post from 2011.  Some of them really surprised me!  Feel free to click on any of them to go read the posts!
And the #1 post from 2011 – I Love My Mommy Blog Hop
Thank you all for your support and ‘reading’ over the past year!!
Now, on to what is NEW for this year!  I have been beading like crazy and have been very activily working on some special new things for Krafty Max Originals.  The first big one is already out – my new look.  I have gotten so many wonderful comments about the new layout and design.  I would like to once again thank Wacky Jacqui’s Designs for all her hard work and great creation of the new Krafty Max Originals look.  It was such a pleasure to work with her.  
I want to also thank The Bakin_Goddesses’.  I just finished up an wonderful interview and give-a-way with them.  We are going to be working together over the next year on some more give-a-ways and some ‘special other things’ for all of you to win! 
If I mention them I must also mention Tough Cookie Mommy .  After creating a cuff for her I was so flattered with her review and praises.  
And one last wonderful lady to mention, Pot of Gold Giveaways.  Her cuff was a design of her logo and the giveaway that went with it was a resounding success.  
For all of you who don’t know about my Favorites page, please click on the tap at the top of the page.  These are LISTS, not a hop.  I hope to have all of you put your links there.  It is a great way to support each other.
To everyone, I hope you have a wonderful New Year!! ~KM
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  1. Deb Terilli

    It was finding your blog!!