Memory Monday

This Monday I am struck with the joy and nervousness of sending my last child – Monster – off to School!  I am very happy that this year (the only one) both my kids will be riding the same bus and going to the same school.  I think it will make it easier on Monster and show Aye some responsibility. 

My beautiful daughter has already got her year scheduled!!!  Shortly after school starts she will be in several after school activities.  Chess and Tae Kwon Do are the first on her list, but if there is time she would also like to take Art and Choir!!!  For a 5th grader she has a FULL plate, but this seems to be when she excels!!!  She also has the HONOR of being on Safety Patrol, which at her school is truly an HONOR!  She is so very proud to be wearing her belt and starting off the year with a BANG!! (you can see more photos if you click on the photo and go to my Fan Page)

As I have done several times in the past I would like to pass along my excitement for this week by holding another sale!  I have discounted everything in my studio 20% for this week – August 23 – August 29 so that everyone can share in the fun of BACK TO SCHOOL.  If it is just something ‘little’ for yourself or something as a ‘thank you’ to a friend, please check out my studio and enjoy my many items!  I will be adding more this week too!

My featured artist today is Gourmet_Felted.  I can not even express the ‘auuuuuhhh’ moment I had when I first saw with little dog, I didn’t even realize it was felted until I looked through Gourmet_Felted‘s studio!!  I am simply amazed at this work.  You can have your own memory preserved with a customized replica of your pet.  The love, time and care that goes into these creations clearly shows!
Please make sure you Mark this shop for your Market, LIKE it and pass it along to others….they will be as amazed as I am!!

Enjoy your Memory Monday – I know I will!!  For me the memories of my kids first day’s of school will live on in my memory for ever! ~KM
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  1. Doris Sturm

    That’s nice your sons can ride together on the bus…it must be a comfort to you.

    Your daughter is indeed a very busy young lady and she picked all the subjects I would be interested in.

    I love your featured artists, especially the needle felted dogs – I always wanted to try that, but then I have so many patterns yet to crochet and so much yarn to use up…and paintings to finish….I simply should not start yet one more project – at least not for now.

    Have a wonderful week, Krafty 🙂

    We love you,
    Doris and Gizzy 🙂