Memory Monday

Memory Monday is here again, and it is August 2nd!!!!  Where did June and July go??  It seems like this year has gone faster than any other so far….maybe that is good, maybe bad.  I feel like I am not really getting anything done, yet I know I am!!  

I found this WONDERFUL artist for you to look at this morning.  I can’t believe that she is stressed anymore, considering Ms. Sharron moved to Southern Ireland in 2008 to get away from it all!!  She has been inspired by the wonderful poems of Dr. Seuss and Lewis Carroll along with several others.  How she isn’t stressed, I’ll never know, because she is like me and is a crafter of the ARTS.  She has many mediums and enjoys ‘LIFE’!!  You can read more about her on her BIO tab, and see more of her work at her studio writtenwithyouinmind.  

I personally can relate to this one, as I think most of us can!!  Please read it, enjoy and remember to mark her MARKET, LIKE her page and let her know how much you love her work!  Remember, purchasing is the BEST form of flattery *smile*.  

Enjoy your Memory Monday and remember to make a good memory today that will last for years to come!  ~KM
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