Memory Monday

What a weekend!!  I had a wonderful weekend – hubby is home!  I had a wonderful sale(s) over the weekend too!  The only thing left for this week is to create more beaded ‘things’ and to pull for winners in my contest.  I can’t wait.  It will end at the end of the month and I’ll draw the winners on the first…ya hoooooo!  Please feel free to enter if you can or to pass it along to others.  I would like to thank all those #LinkLove’s that helped me by posting my weekend sale on their Fan Page or twitter.  This is a PARTIAL list….I am sure I missed some!!!

Like I said, I know I missed a few, but please know that I appreciate you all very much!!  This is what networking is all about!!!!!! 

I also did my wonderful browsing today on ArtFire to find a perfect shop to feature…..I found it!  BrasArtGallery has many originals and prints for sale in his shop.  I just love this one – besides Military and Police Officers my family also has coal miners in it.  This is such a perfect image for anyone who has worked or known someone who has worked in a mine.  Please visit his shop and read more about him in his BIO – there are some very interesting things you may not know!!!  Remember, LIKE, mark his shop for your Market and come back often to check in!!  

Enjoy your Memory Monday and remember to make a wonderful Memory today!! ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. Eileen

    Thanks my dear Max, anytime I can help!!

  2. Designs by Dawn Marie

    Beautiful artwork! The picture you posted captures the spirit and heart of the coal miner perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m headed over to Artfire right now to add to my market! 🙂

    Have a terrific week!