Memory Monday

Is it really Monday?  I spent all weekend being sick, getting ready for our upcoming show and beading!!  I can’t believe how much beading I did!! 

This is the first rack – this is one of my FUN earring racks…..

…and here is my 2nd rack of FUN EARRINGS…..

And here is my Swarovski Crystal Earring RACK!!!

Now, I need to tell you, the two fun racks were only about 1/8 full (each) when I started and the Swarovski Crystal rack was TOTALLY empty!  Have I been busy?????  OH YA!!!

And now, on to the terrific collections that I have been included in…. *blush* *blush* *blush* I can’t believe all of this!!! 

First collection, OH MY!!  These are some beautiful beadwoven creations, please leave a your comments and STARS for this collection and visit the creator – Jewelrybyjane29 – I just love her work….it was hard, but below this collection I posted a favorite of her work – very hard decision – I love them all!!
Handmade Gifts

And then I found out I was in another collection…..oh my!  Please visit this wonderful collection and also the lady that curated it…. StarwavesDesigns.  Once again, it was very hard to choose – just one – of my favorites from her studio, but I’ll show the one I picked – right below the collection…don’t forget to comment and 
leave your STARS!!!

 And, here is another collection…..I am still just so flattered…..this is amazing to be included in this many collections.  This one was curated by ropergirl3.  I once again had a hard time choosing – just one item – from her studio, but I finally decided….please look at the beautiful fabric pumpkin….
Fine Art Paintings

So, what a MEMORY MONDAY, who could ask for more??  I am still in awe…..thank you all!  ~KM

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3 Responses

  1. ThePineConeTeaCup

    Wow!!! You have been a busy girl!! I bet you and Kris are gonna have an EXCELLENT show!!

  2. Doris Sturm

    WOW! You have been very, very busy! (and who took care of the kids while you did all that?)

    You should change your name to BeadMania (or BeadMamma) because it’s in your blood … Congrats for getting sll this done!

    Hope your show will be very successful!!!!

    All the best to you and yours!

    Doris and the Gizz (who is slowly coming around)

  3. wcharles