Memory Monday / Traditional Tuesday

Since my computer crashed over the weekend I was unable to get my Memory Monday post done, so we’ll do that one first, then Traditional Tuesday….trust me, I have PLENTY to talk about and show off!!! ~KM

Boy, what a great weekend Kris from ApronsbyMeMe and I had at our Craft Show.  The weather was perfect, the crowd was great, and over all it was a wonderful weekend!! Even the BLACK dirt and the DOGS didn’t bother us toooo much!!  Here are some ‘setting up’ pictures first…

Then Saturday came and we were set-up and read to go….it was a little chilly, but not toooo much, as soon as the sun came up the customers started coming too!! Here are the finished booth display photos…

As you can see we were ‘showing off’ ALL of our goods!!  We had so much fun…it is so nice to get out and meet people and talk about our work in person – sometimes!! 

So throughout the weekend I also found out my work was featured in this wonderful collection by PrettyJewelryThingsStore.  Please check it out, leave ‘stars’ and a comment.  Also check out my favorite from her studio….beautiful!!
Indie Design


Then, when I checked my mail I found this… 

If you remember, I had featured Thyme2dream a few weeks ago and I just fell in love with this one.  I am NOT happy with any of my wire work attempts and yet I just love the work of it…so…..


Now on to the Traditional Tuesday feature…..

I found these shoes – almost by accident – they came up when I was searching for something else!  But, aren’t they wonderful??  Hei Bei from Shirly – Straw Shoes makes these all by hand….amazing!!! Please go visit her studio and check out her many other beautiful shoes.

Now, for today I have to list some more things in my DESTASH studio, clean up from all the CRAZY things over the weekend, do laundry and maybe get back to beading my couple of custom orders that are waiting to be done…..

I hope you have a wonderful Traditional Tuesday and that your Memory Monday was just beautiful!! ENJOY!! ~KM

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  1. Aprons by MeMe

    A GREAT time had by ALL!! I couldn’t ask for a better friend and neighbor at a craft show♥