Mimic Monday

As I was looking around Etsy for a wonderful artist to feature I found Andreas Flower Shop.  I just can’t believe how talented this artist is.  There are so many bright, vibrant pieces of artwork in her shop.  I am not sure why this one appeals to me so very much – I like all of them – but it does.  Somehow even without any colors this captures fall perfectly!

Please check out this wonderful artist and make sure you heart, convo and perhaps purchase something from her.  She hasn’t had any sales yet….boy is that surprising!!!  Enjoy your Mimic Monday and try NOT to work TOOOOO hard today!  ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. Kim

    Hi! What lovely work Andrea does! Thank you for pointing us to her – I was glad to leave a <3 for her shop. Enjoy your Monday! 🙂

  2. Origami Jewellery

    Hi, I just went to Andrea’s work and they are all amazing!! By the way, I like your work and site! It’s bery colourful and pretty! I hope you are having a lovely Monday 🙂