Mimic Monday

With the weekend over and the first week of spring starting today, I am feeling the need to clean!  Yes, that is right, clean!  I don’t get this feeling very often so I hope to REALLY take advantage of it!  Hubby was away doing guard duty this past weekend and between the rain, birthday parties and sleep overs the kidos and I a very busy weekend.  I actually can’t wait for this week to start!  I feel very energized and motivated today!  

Looking around Etsy I found this terrific shop.  I just love the look of these pieces of art.  They look so FREE and HAPPY!  I want them to be my inspiration for the week so that I can get A LOT of things done.  Please check out this husband and wife team that make these beauties!  

Remember, heart, convo and pass along the treasures you find!  Thank you and have a TERRIFIC MIMIC MONDAY!!  ~KM

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2 Responses

  1. jorrensmom

    LOVE the hair on these! How fun!

  2. Taryn L. McCracken

    I love these! They are so upbeat and happy.