Mimic Monday’s

There is a show called CBS Sunday Morning that I absolutely love.  It is about the ‘lighter’ side of life.  Other than the news highlights there isn’t any ‘bad’ news to it.  So on yesterday’s show there was a whole segment about a man who creates framed artwork with bugs, butterflies and other insects.  I thought that I would look around Etsy for someone who did this wonderful artwork and…. look who I found…. Bug Under Glass.  I just love their work!  They not only have beautiful framed artwork, but they also include educational information related to your specimen on the back of each work of art.  I have to say, I wouldn’t be afraid of these bugs!!!  Please check them out and let them know hat you think. 
Have a great Mimic Monday and please, Mimic 
someone great!  ~KM 
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