Mini Family Vacation

Through out this summer and the many years that have passed since we have had kids, Hubby and I have not been able to take a vacation with the kids before.  Hubby always has to work during the regular holidays and school breaks for UPS and somehow the Florida National Guard needs him at all the other times! We have gone on several day trips and the kids and I have had Vacations without Hubby, this one will be with ALL of us.  We will be gone for only a couple of days – as this is a last minute thing, but still, it will be fun!  I will take LOTS of photos and with my girlfriend watching our dog Ziggy and the house we know that everything will be wonderful and safe when we return. 
Today was supposed to start the Give-A-Way for Lisa Wingate’s book, however, with this mini trip upon us and with such short notice, we will start the Give-A-Way on Monday.  
Thank you all for your patience and understanding…. I’ll see you just a couple of days!!  ~KM

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