Monday Marketing

Today I would like to focus on your company or design name.  
For a long time I ‘stressed’ over my company name when I started.  The big thing with a company name is that it is recognizable.  How many of you know a McDonald’s (even if you don’t have one in the town you live in) from WAY DOWN THE STREET?  Do you think that their logo, name recognition and publicity happened over night?  
 If your name is – Krafty Max Originals – you need to use some form of that name EVERYWHERE you can.  Customized email accounts, customized blog names, studio or shop names, even to the point of your voice mail (if you get incoming calls about your company).  This sounds simple, easy and really basic, but you would be amazed at how many people use their personal email name along with their company account somewhere…..If I got an email from I would have no idea who it was.  If I was to get an email from I would instantly know who it was and remember that name JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE.  

So, the big idea for today is to not confuse or distract your customers……

…what was your first impression of what these are?  

If you are not a wire jewelry artist you might not have even know what they are.  M.A.T.’s Beads not only helped me make my point with this set of Mandrels for Wire Shaping, but they also have a great story about their bead store and how they came up with the name of it.  Please check out their BIO PAGE and you will understand where M.A.T.’s Beads name came from! 

So as you go out today – remember, if it is for your company, maintain a strong name!  ~KM

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