Monday Marketing

Today I would like to kick off my MONDAY MARKETING post with a wonderful artist.  Her personalization of Market Bags, Totes and other items is the essence of MARKETING.  When you are out and about, it doesn’t matter if are going shopping, banking or just going to mail a recent sale, everyone that you see is a chance to MARKET yourself and your company.  
If you make/sell jewelry, wear some; 
if you make/sell scarves, wear one (if weather permits); 
but if you can not MARKET your own items, use someone else’s items to MARKET for you.  A bag or purse with your LOGO or company name is a great way to get your image ‘out there’. 
This wonderful lady at MyPersonalizedTshirt started her company with a need of her own and it has grown over and beyond anything she could imagine.  You can read more about her story on her bio page of her ArtFire studio or through her FaceBook Fan page.

Please remember to MARKET yourself today and through out this week as you are ‘out and about’.  ~KM
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