Monster Monday’s

Morning all!!  First a bit of news, I was so busy and tired this weekend that I didn’t even get a post done for Sunday…sorry!  The craft show that I went to was a wonderful success!  There was a wonderful crowd and wonderful weather.  I also did WONDERFULLY!  Yes, I actually made money at this show!.  The show circuits have been so bad lately that if you just cover all your expenses you are usually happy.  This was such a good show that I actually made money!!  Ya HOOOOO!  
Sorry, didn’t mean to brag or rub it in, I am just really happy….I would do a happy dance, but my back and legs are 
killing me!!!  LOL.

Now, on to the important stuff!   This is the Monster Monday where I tell you all about the contest that I am having for the book from Charity Maness.  It is rather simple, but fun….  You will need to look all over my blog and the posts from the last 5 weeks.  Count how many times I use the words….. Empty Nest…… This includes in the blog posts, the blog sidelines or any other part of that it happens to be.  Leave a comment under this post with your name and your count.  On Monday, October 26th I will choose a winner at random from the people who have entered.  You will receive a copy of the newest Charity Maness books, Faithfully, right off the presses!!!  It may even be signed!!!!  I know that this will require to to look a little bit for the words Empty Nest, 
but you have to work a little to get even the ‘free’ things!

Thanks for following me at I tell you all about my wonderful friend and her terrific books.  Remember, you can always purchase them from…..  From Positive Test to Empty Nest and Hopefully – starting October 20th – Faithfully.  Enjoy this wonderful Monster Monday and be nice to your monster!  ~KM
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    WAAAA HOOOO! Making money is a good thing! I am so happy for you!!!

  2. Doris Sturm

    Congratulations on making money – I’m in the process of giving my stuff away because I can’t sell it, but that’s another story!

    I’m glad you had a good show and I totally relate with the aches and pains…

    My Pet Costume Contest is going well… I have 11 contestants and I’m accepting entries till Wed. 10/21 and then the voting starts. I’ve had so much fun looking at all the critters and also making some new friends on the way 😉

    Get some rest and enjoy your profits 😉

    Doris and Gizzy